What We Do

Our capacity lies in our regional tentacles and professionalism in the area of emergency preparedness and response, provision of humanitarian assistance to the poor African populace, Human Resource Development, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)etc.

Grass-root Based Health Programme(GBHP) *HIV/AIDS.

  • Health Education
  • Child and Maternal health
  • Water and Sanitation (W.A.T.S.A.N)etc.

Disaster Management

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Response, Risk Reduction and Recovery DR4, Needs assessment, provision of relief materials and rehabilitation

Youth Development

The Youth who are partners in management form a network of service providers and beneficiaries;  this is made possible through enhanced training capacity.

Action at an Emergency

Provide first aid/emergency response services to victims, this is made possible with volunteers professionally trained for, emergencies and equipped to respond to emergency situations.